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Good water literally changes our physical constitution
"Each cell of our body consists of 90% water and our cells are floating in water based body fluids. The water in our body fluids transports nutrients, transmits information and moves our muscles. Water may be the single most important element of our health. Therefore, drinking good, healthy water will have a tremendous impact on each body cell."

Water makes up 70% of our body, thus it has a direct correlation with our health. Water that we drink moves around our body without ever resting. Consequently, our health depends heavily on how well the water we drink carries out its function in our body until it is released from the body.

Function of Water
Body % water

Good water is rich in minerals. Its molecular shape is hexagonal. it is alkaline water that has a good amount of energy and eliminates active oxygen.

The World Health Organization (WHO) declared, "80% of diseases that currently exist on earth have a correlation with water." Therefore, good health starts with drinking good water.



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