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Can I boil the alkaline water?
Alkaline water retains its alkalinity even when it is boiled. However, it is recommended to drink it cold because boiling releases hydrogen ion, which decreases deoxidization.

What about mixing it with tea or coffee?

It is recommended that lesser amount of tea is used or soak tea bag for shorter time because alkaline water will extract more tea ingredients, so it’s an ideal drink for summer.

Why do bubbles form when water is put into MillenniumH2O products?

Bubbles are hydrogen that are formed when natural minerals react with magnesium.

Can a pregnant woman drink alkaline water?

A pregnant woman requires more minerals, Therefore, alkaline water will
supply the needed minerals. A pregnant woman lacks alkaline minerals because she uses them to neutralize the acidic water produced by the baby in the womb. There is an actual case where a pregnant woman’s morning sickness was alleviated by drinking mineral alkaline water.

Can a newborn baby drink alkaline water?

Mixing baby formulas with alkaline water would help eliminate minor ailments of newborns.

Can seniors drink alkaline water?

Of course. Aging is like losing water and a senior’s body consists of 60% water. Therefore, alkaline water that is rich in activated hydrogen and minerals is the most needed for seniors.

I gain weight just by drinking water. Can I drink alkaline water?
Mineral alkaline water has rapid absorption, circulation and excretion rate;
therefore, people with low metabolism may benefit from drinking it.

How to keep alkaline water?

It is better to drink alkaline water cold. When you’re not drinking, keep the cap tight. Change it every 3 days.

Wouldn’t excessive drinking of alkaline water cause the body to become too alkaline?

Of course not. Our body has a natural homeostasis, which acts as a balancing agent and maintains normal pH regardless of the amount of acidic or alkaline matter that’s consumed. Alkaline water helps maintain normal pH of blood, which may have been oxidized through stress and excessive consumption of fat.

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