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What is Mineral Alkaline Water?
Mineral Alkaline Water Formation Diagram
How Mineral Alkaline Water is Formed?    

What is Mineral Alkaline Water?

“Mineral Alkaline Water eliminates active oxygen and toxic wastes, and protects DNA from oxidation and also can help cure, heal and prevent diseases such as cancer, diabetes, hypertension and others,” writes American Science Publication BBRC.

Hydrogen is necessary to stabilize the unstable active oxygen, and Mineral Alkaline Water is the technological wonder that contains prolific hydrogen.

Mineral Alkaline Water contains an abundance of very small molecules of activated hydrogen, which can deoxidize the oxidized cells and body.


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How Mineral Alkaline Water is Formed
  • Certain portion of water molecules is ionized and remains in H+ and 0H- state
  • When magnesium alloy reacts with water, it releases electrons (-)
  • H+ ion in water meets electron(-) and is restored back to hydrogen
  • OH- becomes more abundant in water proportionately and water becomes alkaline
  • Active hydrogen appears (in forms of air bubbles)
  • Various minerals increase deoxidization and supply nutrients

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Mineral Alkaline Water Formation Diagram

Alkaline Mineral Water Formation Diagram

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