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Homin Solution


A front-runner and cutting edge company whose salient emphasis is on the health and satisfaction of its customers

"Water and air are two elements necessary for our well-being. We all desire to have be in a state of well-being. Homin Solutions' mission is to develop and produce products that will provide pure and healthy water and air that will promote well-being. To this end, Homin Solutions has put together a R&D team that has the know-how and application technology so that it can be the guardian of our well-being and become a global leader in environmental friendliness."

  Aug Incorporation of Homin Solutions  
  Nov Development of Mineral Alkaline Water Tumbler Transformer, "Bound®"  
  Feb Production Factory Founded  
    Patent Application for Mineral Alkaline Water Tumbler Transformer, "Bound®", submitted  
  Jul ISO 9001 Certification  
  Aug US FDA Ionizer Registration  
  Oct Sponsorship for KBS Comedian Sports Competition  
  Jan R&D Center founded  
  Mar Export Agreement for $5million of Bound® with Mineral Alkaline Water Tumbler Transformer  
  Apr Trademark Registration  
  May Venture Business Registration  
    Patent Application for RUDI® Counter Top  
  Jul Patent Registration of Mineral Alkaline Water Tumbler Transformer, "Bound®"  
  Sep Second Production Facility Founded (Kwang Joo, Kyungki-do - South Korea)  





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