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Rosi's Story

Millennium H2O alkaline water is changing my life for the better. I started drinking it approx. 4 months ago, at first only occasionally, but for the last 2 months more so.

I liked the pleasant, soft, slightly sweet taste right away. It went down so well and, therefore, I consumed a healthy amount of water.

The second benefit I saw was that now, I didn't have to hassle buying those heavy cases of bottled water, store them all over in the garage…and no more standing in line to return the plastic for the refund back. Thank goodness!

When I went to my Nephrologists (I am suffering from Chronic Kidney Disease since 2004), he told me I was getting better according to the LAB results. GREAT! I could see that by looking at my legs and feet: now they are much less swollen. I am retaining fewer fluids; and the need for diuretics is almost nil. Just this year I had to buy shoes a size larger. But today I'm back in my old size shoes.

It had been very hard for me to get to work regularly and on time, missing a day a week for over a year, due to my very poorly functioning gastro-intestinal system. I have been working as a nurse (Psychiatric Technician III) for 18 years with the County of Los Angeles. My problems with diarrhea, nausea, gas have stopped completely; and I'm looking forward to my job every day, not having missed a day for the past two months.

Next thing: I can sleep through the night without my Restless Leg Syndrome keeping me from resting well. The arthritis in my finger, knees and hips is less inflamed; still a little stiff, but no more swelling and inflammation… and no pain!!!! I have suffered from arthritis for 30 years and even had a knee replacement 5 years ago.

NOW comes the very best. I'm loosing weight. This is not due to some diet. No, I am just not hungry all the time anymore. I eat more sensibly without any effort. I told my Husband: "A gift from God." And he said: "Yes, but it's the alkaline water."

The overall feeling of wellbeing and lightness of being are such a change. Yesterday I looked at my step counter and I had walked 7,900 steps. Normally I reach about 3,900. I got tired then, though. After all, I'm in my sixties, but I feel so good and hopeful, that, over time, things with my overall health will stay well and even get better. All this is thanks to drinking Millennium H2O alkaline water.

As a nurse I understand that the water Millennium H2O tumblers are supplying me with, is more penetrable into the cells, and, therefore, flushing out all the impurities and free radicals, thus allowing my body to function how it is supposed to in it's natural way without having to fight impurities, which cause inflammation, cancer and a whole host of other ailments, that come from our lifestyle.

Rosi Cayuela, Nurse, PTII


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