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Alkaline water in a nutshell

  1. Alkaline Water Benefits
    1. Be alkaline and feel and look 10 years younger!
    2. Feel 10 years younger by increasing energy
    3. Reduces aging. (High rate of ORP in MH2o -25 mV)
    4. Stronger immune system, get sick less, and no long term diseases
    5. Many diseases and bad health conditions get cured after 60 - 90 days of use

  2. Millennium H2o Characteristics
    1. Natural and Portable
    2. High ORP rate
    3. pH level achieved naturally
    4. Reduction
    5. Hydrogen abundance
    6. Minerals
    7. Life water
    8. Anti-bacterial
    9. Filtration feature
    10. Fridge friendly
    11. Ionized with no electric power

  3. Conclusion
    1. Will make you into the habit of drinking
    2. Will make you consume the right amount of water you must consume daily for a healthy body and healthy life.
    3. The GO GREEN PRODUCT? (read our next article Millennium H2o Vs. Kangen water and any other produced by electric machines)


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