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Personal Tumbler - 24 oz.
Bound2 - (24 oz.)
MillenniumH2O 24 oz. (Bound2®)
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Features The Millennium H2o Tumbler is great for the office and the active person on the run. Fill up the tumbler with any kind of drinking water to bring the benefits of alkaline water to your fingertips! Take it to work, to the gym, to school or even along in the car! Alkaline water has just gone mobile!
SPECIAL OFFER! - FREE BoundQ® Stix (16 oz.  1pc)  with purchase of 24oz Personal Tumbler.
You can use the Travel Stix with ANY non-metal airtight container.
Make your own alkaline water while on the go!


  • Acryl 1.2mm like glass cartridge and container body.
  • Acryl 1.2mm like glass mineral cartridge 24 oz.  (750 ml) capacity.
Model: Bound2 Tumbler 24 oz.
Shipping Weight: 1lbs

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